lpadmin -p <queue> -v <device> \ -P <PPD-file> -E


lpadmin -p ps -v socket:// -P \ /usr/share/cups/model/Postscript-level1.ppd.gz -E


lpadmin -p ps -v parallel:/dev/lp0 -P \ usr/share/cups/model/Postscript.ppd.gz -E

Generate a print job:

lpr -P color
lp -d color
lpq -P printr
lpq -a


Configured printers:


Home printer:


Start/ stop spooler:

/usr/sap/lprng/bin/ start | stop
/usr/sap/lprng/bin/ stop && /usr/sap/lprng/bin/ start

Status/ display current printer queue:

/usr/sap/lprng/bin/lpq -PPrintername



Disable queue-entry:

./lpc disable <queuename>

Enable queue-entry:

./lpc enable <queuename>

Disable exit:

./lpc stop <queuename>

Enable exit:

./lpc start <queuename>

Switch off entry and exit:

./lpc down <queuename>

Switch on entry and exit:

./lpc up <queuename>

Kill printqueue:

./lpc kill <queuename>

Delete one job:

/usr/sap/lprng/bin/lprm -PPrintername <job-nr>

Delete all jobs:

/usr/sap/lprng/bin/lprm -PPrintername all 
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