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Secure copy of files via ssh:

scp suse10.site:/etc/HOSTNAME ~                                    #Logged in user copies  the file /etc/HOSTNAME to the home folder (~)
scp id_rsa.pub username@                                #Copy "id_rsa.pub" nach "/home/tmade@"
scp install_NW70.tar root@                        #Copy install_NW70.tar as root to into folder /sapdb
scp * root@                                    #Copy * (all in working directory) as root to into folder /mnt/temp
scp root@ da20.key             #Copy file "/etc/ssh/ssh_host_key.pub" from remote machine to local file "da20.key"
scp -r /folder/* testuser@                              #Copy folder recursive to home of user "testuser" on
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