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zypper lr
zypper ls                                    #List repos
zypper rr ID
zypper rr 1 2 3 4 5 6                        #Delete repo 1,2,3,4,5,6 (ID)
zypper dup
zypper ref                                   #Zypper refesh  
zypper lu                                    #List updates
zypper up                                    #Zypper update
zypper ps -s                                 #Check running programs
zypper up <package>
zypper -n up -y                              #Zypper patch without prompt for "yes"
zypper se packagename                        #Zypper search
zypper se -s packagename                     #Zypper search detailed including package version
zypper pa -ir repo_test                      #Show all installed versions of a package inside repository "repo_test"
zypper pa repo_test                          #Show all versions of a package inside repository "repo_test"
zypper in -f <packagename-with-version>      #Install package with particular version. Example: packagename-
zypper in -f unixODBC-devel=2.3.4-7.3.3
zypper install python=2.5
zypper remove packagename                    #Delete service or package
zypper ps -s                                 #There are some running programs that might use files deleted by recent upgrade. Check involved programs with this command
zypper lu -t patch 
zypper lu | wc -l 
zypper lp --cve 
zypper lp --cve | wc -l 
zypper lp --cve | cut -d "|" -f 2
zypper lp --cve | cut -d "|" -f 3
zypper lp --cve | cut -d "|" -f 3 | sort -u
zypper migration ...
zypper pt                                    #show pattern
zypper install *.rpm                         #best practise and better dependency check than "rpm -i *.rpm" !!
zypper remove ha-cluster-bootstrap
zypper remove pacemaker-cli pacemaker libpacemaker3
zypper remove corosync libcorosync4
zypper in corosync pacemaker

Patching just security patches:

zypper refresh
zypper list-patches | grep security
zypper patch -g security


zypper ar -f -n "Repo Name" http://URL Repoalias              #add repositories
zypper ar -f -t rpm-md -n "Repo Name" http://URL Repoalias    #add repositories with type rpm-md
zypper ar -f -G -c -n "Repo Name" http://URL Repoalias        #add repositories, check (-c) if URL exists without "GPG Check" (-G)
zypper repo                                                   #show repositories
zypper removerepo "aliasname"                                 #remove repositories
/etc/zypp/repos.d                                             #Directory where repos saved
zypper info packagename                                       #show repoinfo concering packagename


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