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rsync -a /home/tmade/ /backup/rsync/                                           #copies and sync /home/tmade to /backup/rsync
rsync -a --delete /home/tmade/ /backup/rsync/                                  #delete files which have been deleted in source also in mirror
rsync -a --exclude-from=/path/to/excludedfile /home/tmade/ /backup/rsync/      #doesn´t sync files listes in exclude file. files with "#" in front are ignored!

Over network:

rsync -avzP --delete /home/tmade/ root@remoteserver:/home/tmade/               #sync and delete files, if they are deleted from source
/usr/bin/rsync -avzP /path/to/source/* user@IP_or_DNS:/path/to/destination     #sync files from source to destination

Other direction:

rsync -ave ssh /backup/home/tux root@DA1:/home/                                #backup of homedirectory is copied back to DA1 system

NOTE: rysnc MUST be installed on both systems!!


partimage -z1 -o -d -b save /dev/hda12 /mnt/backup/redhat-6.2.partimg.gz
partimage restore /dev/hda13 /mnt/backup/suse-6.4.partimg
partimage restmbr /mnt/backup/debian-potato-2.2.partimg.bz2
partimage imginfo /mnt/backup/debian-potato-2.2.partimg.bz2


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