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Check loaded modules:

cat /proc/modules 

Load manually a module:

modprobe modulename      #Loads module + dependencies
insmod modulename        #Loads just the module

Modules are stored in:

cat /proc/modules

Modprobe configuration:


Remove a loaded module:

rmmod modulename

Compile a Linux Kernel:

cd /usr/src/linux
make dep
make mrprop
make clean
make menuconfig
make modules 
make modules_install
make install


Regular (vanilla) Kernelsources just know the command

make oldconfig

and reads in the content of the “.config” file (inside “/usr/src/linux/.config”)

The command

make cloneconfig 

reads the configuration of the running kernel (/proc/config.gz) and saves it as


Kernel moduls are files stored in:


Kernel Commands

uname -r                #Show Kernel version
uname -a                #Show OS info 
cat /etc/issue          #Show OS info
cat /etc/SuSE-release   #Show OS info
cat /proc/cpuinfo 
cat /proc/meminfo 
cat /proc/mounts        #Is more reliable in conflicts/problems than /etc/mtab !!
cat /proc/filesystems 
cat /proc/partitions 
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