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RPM Options

rpm -qpl package               #Preview where the package "package" will install its files BEFORE installing it
rpm -qli package               #List information of all file locations of the installed package "package"
rpm -qa | grep package         #List all installed packages with the pattern name "package"
rpm -ql ocfs2-kmp-default      #List files in package
rpm -qa --last
rpm -qa --last |grep syslog    #show installation date
rpm -qf /bin/sh                #show package name/ version

Query options (with -q or --query):
-c, --configfiles                list all configuration files
-d, --docfiles                   list all documentation files
--dump                           dump basic file information
-l, --list                       list files in package
-P, --patches                    list patches or patched files
--queryformat=QUERYFORMAT        use the following query format
-s, --state                      display the states of the listed files
-a, --all                        query/verify all packages
-f, --file                       query/verify package(s) owning file
-g, --group                      query/verify package(s) in group
-p, --package                    query/verify a package file
-W, --ftswalk                    query/verify package(s) from TOP file tree walk
--nodeps                         don't verify package dependencies
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